Your floatation experience awaits you

Your floatation experience awaits you

The not-so-fine print

Please read completely and fill out waiver at bottom of page:

We want you to have an amazing and safe experience at Levity and request that you be aware of and agree to the following information and policies:

1. No drugs or alchohol before (or during) your float. To preserve the integrity of our facility, tobacco users must abstain from smoking for at least 2 hours before floating. We reserve the right to deny access based on our assessment of a person's smell and sobriety.

2. We have a $1,000 contamination fee for our float pools. Voluntary or involuntary release of bodily fluids, communicable or infectious diseases, oils, creams, and hair dyes in the float solution may enact the contamination fee for salt replacement, cleaning, and loss of income for closing the float pool.

3. Cancellations must be done 12 hours in advance. Failure to give proper notice when canceling an appointment or not showing up for an appointment will incur a $20 charge. 

4. Are you able to safely get yourself in and out of the float pool? If you have issues getting in and out of a bathtub, you may experience some trouble getting in and out of our tanks. Our staff is not trained in assisted transfers. If you need assistance you must bring your own helper. Please call us with any medical conditions that may be of concern to your safe enjoyment of our facility:

Please complete  the waiver and complete online before coming in.

Please arrive 20 minutes before your float to fill out the online waiver below if you do not have access to a computer, or 15 minutes before if you have the completed waiver for the orientation.

Simple Essentials

1Floating is best on a light tummy, with no caffeine. Everyone is different, but generally we recommend a light meal 1 hour prior to floating.

2Best to not shave or wax within 3-4 hours of floating. The 850 pounds of Epsom salts dissolved in the water can sting irritated skin. *Note - If you have any small cuts or skin irritations, it will most likely sting for the first 10-15 minutes. We do have some petroleum jelly you can put on to help block the salt water from penetrating the small cut. 

3Try not to drink a lot of fluids before coming in. Please don't de-hydrate yourself, just maybe think of it like a road trip.

4. You do not need a swimsuit. Bathing suits bring in more debris, and are unnecessary in the private float room. Plus, clothing can get in the way of a good float.

Click here to go to our waiver:

Thank you! We look forward to floating your boat :)