Is Floating For Me? 

In ancient times health was always related to introspection. Temples were built and dedicated to providing a space for the development of self-reflection. Today, contemporary medicine focuses on the physical body and disregards body/mind interaction. We would like to provide you an opportunity to open a window into your mind.  There is a world inside which lies at the root of our physiological functions.  In our day we have little to no time for ourselves. 


Gravity be gone!

The 850 pounds of Epsom Salt in the water will remove any notion of gravity! Imagine feeling total weightlessness (a feeling somewhat like flying)You can not truly understand what this feels like until you try it!


The water is kept at 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Causing the skin-receptors to be neutral. This means that your body will not know where it ends and where the water begins.


The tank is completely insulated from the noises of the outside world.For those who want to experience silence and peace, it can't get better than this.


Given that the tank is silent, dark, and gravity is no longer an issue, our minds are able to wander. You realize that your body has a broad spectrum of feelings that aren't normally exploredand it gives you the opportunity for expanded awareness. Simultaneously, your brain is releasing dopamine and endorphins which will give you a sense of wellbeing and total relaxation. 

The Floating Steps



First you take a rinse




Put in your earplugs.



Step in to the floatation tank and relax. You will be notified when your sessions over.



Once notified you will step out of the tank and dry off. You willthen head back to the shower to wash the salt off.