Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide a healing space for those suffering from tension, stress, and nervous exhaustion. The sensory deprivation tank provides a pain free environment for those who experience chronic pain and for those who would like to improve their performance in all areas. Also for those who need a peaceful place for deep meditation. 


How We do this 

We do this by freeing the person from sensory distractions and even earthly gravity. Our Tucson floatation tank has 800lbs of Epsom Salt (which has high concentrations of magnesium) and 12 inches of water at body temperature. The float tank itself is sound proof, light proof, and the salt water provides an anti-gravity environment. The isolation tank gives an experience of complete weightlessness as if one was in the womb or floating in space. 



501 W Lavery Lane

Tucson, AZ 85704

By Appointment Only